30 -November -2021 - 09:07
2004-2012 – engineering services, consultancy and organization of deliveries of equipment incl. on-
site services in Iraq for Aradet Co. Baghdad, NRC Baiji, NGC Baiji, MRC Daura, SRC Basrah, SGC Basrah
2004 - Engineering services by execution of compressor station and piping lines in new Automotive
Plant PSA Trnava (Slovak Republic)
2004 - Design documentation for territotial proceedings and building permision for Hot water
conveyor and reconstruction of boiler room in ŠKO- Energo - SAI AUTOMOTIVE (Czech Republic)
2004-2005 - Alteration of fossil fuel base in Heating Plant Tábor (Czech Republic) – Engineering
2005 - Engineering services for new Bioethanol Plant Krahulov , ADW Bio, a.s. (Czech Republic)
2006 - Waste Water Treatment Plant EKOL, Baku (Azerbajdzan) – Project Management
2006 – Delivery of Heat Exchangers for Aradet Co., Baghdad, Iraq
2006-2008 - Promotion of new product - LPG compozite cylinders - on the United Arab Emirates
market including certification by local authorities and distribution arrangement
2007 – Feasibility Study for reconstruction and new Steel Production Plant Zolfaghar (Iran)
2007 – Feasibility Study for Bioethanol Plant Trmice ( Czech Republic)
2007-2008 – CRU Unit Petromont (Canada) – Project Management
2008-2009 – New Granulation Line for Polyprophylene Plant - UNIPEROL Refinery (Czech Republic) –
Project Management
2010-2012 – Neutralization and decontamination station, Diamo, Czech Republic – Project